Bluecrop Blueberry Plant

Bluecrop Blueberry Plant


Bluecrop is one of the most popular varieties of blueberries for this area.  They are the easiest to take care of, they don’t need cross pollination, and they produce the highest yield.  At maturity, Bluecrops yield between 15-20 pounds per plant!

The best time to plant Bluecrops is in May or June, depending on your geographical location, for plants that produce in July.  These well-established plants are three years old.  They come in one-gallon pots and are 18-24” tall.

Orders will be taken up to May 25th.

**Purchased plants will be available for pick-up at NOSBIS office on  May 30th


All funds raised through this initiative will be used to support the programs and services NOSBIS provides for the benefit of the brain injury survivors in our community.  Thank you for your kind support!

Please call 250-833-1140 for more information


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