Ft. Laramie Strawberry Plant

Ft. Laramie Strawberry Plant


The Ft. Laramie Strawberry is a super-sturdy strain that thrives in our area.  The plant can withstand the worst winters without mulch.  The plant produces a fair amount of runners and huge crops of bright red berries bursting with juice. With a honey-sweet flavor, it is no wonder the strawberries produced are excellent fresh and for processing. The Ft. Laramie Strawberry is also self-pollinating.

They come in one-gallon pots.

Orders will be taken up to May 25th.

**Purchased plants will be available for pick-up at NOSBIS office on  May 30th


All funds raised through this initiative will be used to support the programs and services NOSBIS provides for the benefit of the brain injury survivors in our community.  Thank you for your kind support!

Please call 250-833-1140 for more information


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