Programs and Services

NOSBIS offers a comprehensive range of programs and services tailored to the needs of the survivors of acquired brain Injury (ABI) and their family members.

An Acquired Brain Injury is defined as “Damage to the brain, which occurs after birth and is not related to a congenital or a degenerative disease.  These impairments may be temporary or permanent and cause partial or functional disability or psychosocial maladjustment.”  World Health Organization (Geneva 1996)

Case management is the first point of service, where the Case Manager meets with individuals who have been diagnosed with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) in order to determine the optimal level of support that is needed.

The initial intake is followed up with appropriate referrals, implementation of various strategies to develop coping skills, advocacy, assistance with sourcing funds for mobility aids (scooters, leg braces, etc.), home and community support, housing solutions and services to ensure the overall health, welfare, safety and security of the individual.

This program is delivered at the NOSBIS office.

Life skills support services assist brain injury survivors in regaining or sustaining independence, improving self-esteem and learning coping strategies.

This program is individualized specifically for each person and is delivered in the community by our Life Skills Support Staff through a referral from the Case Manager.

In-home visits by a Support Worker assist many people with ABI who are unable to learn the skills necessary for independent living, or who are unable to perform certain functions of daily living due to mobility issues, physical restrictions or any other cause that limits the ability of the individual to perform daily routine tasks.

Safety and education are essential to the prevention of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).  NOSBIS offers a comprehensive introductory course on ABI which includes ways the brain is injured, signs and symptoms of concussion/ABI and strategies for managing symptoms.

This course is offered to community partners and groups interested in learning about Acquired Brain Injury and can be booked for your space or held at the NOSBIS office.

NOSBIS also offers concussion education courses for elementary school, middle school and high school classes.

Support groups offer a safe space for people to meet, talk and learn from one another.

We currently welcome people to three support groups – the ABI Support Group, Walk & Talk Peer Support Group and Family and Caregiver Support Group.

Please call our office to enquire about dates and times.

Recreation is an important part of the healing process and can help to ensure a well-balanced recovery.

Recreational activities offered by NOSBIS include bowling, yoga, meditative colouring, social outings, day trips and craft and art classes.